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Kicking off 2010 in Atlanta

January 21st, 2010

Well, it is now official…I even have a shiny new State of Georgia Driver’s License this month to prove it! Why is it your driver’s license photo always makes it look like you just got out of prison, or maybe should go to prison? And no, I am not posting the image of it in this post or anywhere else :)

2010 is here, or has been for a few weeks now, and a great New Year it is looking to be. For one, as noted in the title, I was able to kick it off in Atlanta. Even if just barely – the movers unloaded us on New Year’s eve! But we were officially here, which is just where my family and I wanted to be on Jan 1st, in our new home town. Atlanta is a great town. We are excited to explore the city and the surrounding areas. The first weekend landed us at the Aquarium, which was amazing. If you come to town, I recommend it!

Additionally, Grizzard Communications is an outstanding company to kick off the New Year with! Grizzard, a leading nonprofit response marketing and fundraising agency with offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles, contacted me with a great opportunity in the later part of last year. While the reasons to join the Grizzard team, a group with 90 years of experience and an impressive client base, were many, one stood out in particular. As the Vice President of Digital Marketing, spearheading delivery of our digital services and offerings, I have the opportunity to expand proven digital strategies to a portfolio of clients that work in the US and across the globe to help those in need, look to cure disease, protect animals, are there when disasters hit and bring the services to our communities that make them a better place. And that is just too hard to pass up. Plus, partnering with these groups to build digital programs that build engagement and loyalty faster than arguably any other media ever before, provides a great attraction and a challenge. And I love it! Arm your supporters with the digital tools they need, and give them a chance to take a more direct role in changing the world, and they will be your fundraisers, advocates, supporters, volunteers, adding reach and dollars to your cause in a way not possible before.

My time at Grizzard has confirmed that this great opportunity was also the perfect fit. Over the past months, it has been impressive to see the talent within the organization. Not only have I made some great new friends, but enjoy working with what is proven to me again and again to be leading talent as client strategies are developed and delivered. Branding, Research & Analytics, Creative, Account Management, Strategic Planning, Media Buying, Integrated & Digital Marketing, Proprietary Technologies, Campaign Delivery. Working in tandem to deliver results. Results that allow leading nonprofits to go further, do more, help more. How can that not end up making the world a better place?

I hope you are off to a great 2010 as well. And if I can help your program out, don’t hesitate to contact me at:

C. Eric Overman
VP, Digital Marketing
Grizzard Communications Group
229 Peachtree Street, #1400
Atlanta, GA 30303

Weathering the Storm

March 14th, 2009

I attended a great presentation last week  put on by the Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Marketing Association at the Town Point Club here in Norfolk, Va.  Russell J. Held, Deputy Executive Director of Virginia Port Authority, shared many of the marketing challenges and opportunities faced by The Port of Virginia in the current economic storm with a great message for us all as we face our own challenges today.

The important message:  Now is a good time to go after new market share.  Thanks to the willingness to invest in the technologies and global messaging to differentiate the Virginia Ports and their benefits, they have increased market share during the economic turmoil over the last year.  Once the economy improves and import/export volume begins to increase again, market share increases will translate into increased revenues and profits, continuing to push the Ports forward.

I agree.  Now is the time for those who can invest in the strategies, technology and marketing to get your message out and increase customer share and customer engagement.   Building a larger customer base and increasing loyalty will help the difficult times and make the good times better.  In many cases, media is now cheaper to purchase and better negotiations are possible for purchasing technologies to improve the infrastructure that will allow you to deliver your message and engage your customers.  Plus, there just might be less noise to contend with to get your customer’s ear as competitor’s cut back on getting their message out.

On another note, guess what the number one export leaving the Ports is.  Waste paper products.  Yep, our number one export there is more or less trash we generate.  It heads to Asia where it is turned into cardboard boxes, which are filled with goods that are shipped back as imports.

Who Really Cares?

March 13th, 2009

Let me start with a little backround. This blog really started back in August of 2006. I know, I know, the post date of this entry is actually March 2009….let me explain.

During that summer of 2006, a combination of fate and fortunate circumstances recently landed me at Operation Smile, a great organization dedicated to providing medical relief to children around the world. A reforming cynic, I was excited to join Operation Smile and work to make the world better.  I have since enjoyed an exciting career in which I have been able to act on a passion for bringing online and interactive programs to the organization that have made a measurable positive impact. It was my first non-profit industry event and my enthusiasm was palpable.

I was sitting in one of the meeting rooms at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, attending a DMA Non Profit Association’s annual Conference, listening to the very engaging speaker and writer Arthur C. Brooks. As many of you may know, Brooks had recently published a book titled, coincidently, Who Really Cares? The take away from Brooks’ lecture and the book were basically that, well, we should all care….a lot!! Backed up by a variety of research – I recommend you read the book here – Brooks contends that the more we care, the better off we are. Those that donated to charities, it turns out, tended to be happier, wealthier, and healthier. Further, nations with generous populations were stronger for it. So, Who Really Cares? We all do!

Wow. As the realization of this set in, it was great. Not only did charitable giving allow for help to be distributed around the country and world, personally touching lives across the globe, but it benefited the giver themselves in numerous ways. My new efforts at working for the common good, it turned out, have more benefactors than just those Operation Smile and other charitable organizations are helping around the globe.

It was really at that point, on that afternoon, that this blog started. I wanted to exchange ideas on how interactive, web, and social media strategies and other disruptive technologies can help make the world a better place.

Join me and exchange ideas on how we can Disrupt IT > Bringing new media and technologies to impact the common good.